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(A note from Susan: ASDPs experience life and work in unique ways – as individual as our fingerprints.  All our life circumstances, how we were raised to believe about ourselves and what to believe about others, influence the career paths we end up on. My career path has been an international corporate one, where my … Read more

The Rest of Your Life is Yours

Just so you know. Even though this is the first post of 2020, and even though the title is “The Rest of Your Life is Yours,” this isn’t one of those “today’s the first day of the rest of your life,” New Year’s inspirations. This is a very special message to a very specific group … Read more

Have You Ever Been Afraid of Your Own Anger at Work?

There’s no getting around it:  Anger is scary. I’m not talking about moderate-to-severe daily annoyances. I’m talking about white hot rage, the kind where control is balanced at the edge of a cliff – at the base of which lie crashing surf, rocks, bones, and the remnants of careers and reputations. It’s bad enough being … Read more

Are Your Coworkers Treating You Like Their Emotional Dumping Ground?

One of our common experiences as adult survivors of a damaged past (ASDPs) is that, when it comes to friendships and work relationships, we often find ourselves in the “helper” role. Which can be a familiar place for us to be in emotionally. We unconsciously bring that role into our adult lives, especially at work, … Read more